Can anyone advise if it is safe to take Celexa (generic: Citalopram)?

This also brings to light why I have suffered with anxiety and depression for so long. I wonder if I go back on my adhd meds if I can come off Celexa and Xanax.

So glad i got on lyrica for my fibro-pain than this cuz im already taking celexa and thats like cymbalta minus pain help

In pain , fed and watered the animals got David some pizza, ate me a bowl of cereal , had a panic attack and bad chest pains , cause there were some ants on the kitchen floor in some dogfood that spilled out , cleaned it up and sprayed some stuff for them , just took some Aleve and probably gonna lay down for a little bit supposed to have storms later today so not sure what I'm doing about groceries just playing it by ear concidering how bad I feel and my anxiety being bad once again I really don't think this Celexa is helping I swear it's making things worse I never had anxiety attacks or panic attacks daily before and things that would only mildly bother me are too much right now but I promised my hubby to try it a full month Tuesday will starting week 3 , Anyways guess I'll bbl xoxo

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